The History of Wandsworth Common

Added 23.3.2020


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23 Bellevue Rd

22, 22b, 23 Bellevue Rd (above)

23 and 24 Bellevue Rd (below)

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23 Bellevue Rd ("The White Lodge")

JP (2017, e.2020):

This is a private house - at one time it was lived in by Hugh Montefiore, the former Bishop of Kingston, but I'm not sure if it belonged to him or to the diocese; a good friend who knew him quite well is doing some research on this for me. In recent years it has undergone substantial alteration and redevelopment.

[PB: It was built recently, wasn't it - 2016? It used to have spectacular lights at Christmas, suggesting falling golden snow. And who can forget the huge white cross on top (see the night panorama above). I don't recall any lights in 2019, though. My grandchildren were very disappointed.]

[SM: see the report of the death of HM.]

< 22 Bellevue Rd

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