The History of Wandsworth Common

Added 23.3.2020


30 Bellevue Rd

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? Bellevue Rd)

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30 Bellevue Rd [Rampton Baseley estate agents]

JP (2017, e.2020):

Until 1913 the premises were occupied by a firm of builders, Johnson's. In 1915 Miss Warner moved her draper's shop here when no. 28 was demolished. In the 1920s she retired and the shop continued as Baldwins [as a drapers?]. It was then St James Laundry and a tobacconist's shop before being taken over by Compton Wallpapers during the 1970s. From about 2000 it was The Inside Man [gifts for men?], and it then became Rampton Baseley estate agent c.2014.

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