The History of Wandsworth Common

Added 23.3.2020


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The Prefabs, Bellevue Rd

From c.1945 to until the mid-1950s, when they were all demolished, numerous "prefabs" - prefabricated houses - lined the Bellevue on the Common side. They had been built swiftly to rehouse people whose homes had been bombed. [Exact dates, and photographs?]

Bellevue, c. 1955, showing numerous "pre-fabs". The highest number on Bellevue is 34, hence these prefabs on the Common were numbered from 35 upwards [to 65, with two unnumbered on the map]

These were put up speedily to house some of the many people who had been bombed out during the war. Along with other prefabs on the edge of many parts of the Common, including nearby Bolingbroke Grove, they were demolished in the mid-1950s.

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